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Billy Walters - Pro Gambler

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Billy Walters – Professional Gambler and Sports Betting Extraordinaire

Las Vegas conjures up the images of glitz and glamour, and high stakes betting mixed in with every vice possible. Millions of people from around the world flock to the sands of Las Vegas, the desolate location in the heart of the Nevada desert. Many want their chance at glory seeking to outplay the many casinos which are built along ‘the strip’. Even with the probabilities stacked against them gamblers and punters are willing to throw billions and billions of dollars at such activities as roulette, black jack, poker machines, and sports betting.

Billy Walters is a name synonymous with sports gambling and sports betting in Las Vegas and in one breath the name can be treated as both a myth and a legend. Few people actually get to know the real goings-on behind the scene of a man who typically has bets of more than $1 million going on a usual working day. His proven sports betting finesse has allowed him the opulence of owning many mansions, numerous golf courses, a private jet, and all the luxuries associated with being aprofessional sports gambler and sports bettor.

Billy Walters started life as a poor boy from Kentucky who was raised by his grandmother. He spent much of his younger years working pool halls trying to make money betting on his abilities as a pool player. He did this up until the age of 16 until he realised that there was no serious money to be made in pool halls and instead focused his attention on poker, horses and football.

As with most professional gamblers and sports bettors past and present, many eventually find themselves moving to Las Vegas the world’s epicenter of gaming and betting. Here Billy Walters found himself at home betting mercilessly on everything he could get his hands on, and even being a renowned golf hustler on the fairways.

But things were not always perfect for Billy Walters. Up until his 30’s he was a typical pathological gambler and loser who went broke fifteen times, owed money to many different bookmakers, and into his third marriage. His gambling ways would continually get the best of him, as he swung between extreme highs and lows in his betting habits.

Things all changed for Billy Walters in the early 1980’s when he became a member of the infamous ‘Computer Group’. This group was famous for their remarkable success in making money on college football and basketball games. Their recipe for success was understanding how the computer could be used to analyse statistical information relating to sporting outcomes. They were pioneers in the field as no one had done this before, and even many of the bookmakers were still not using computers to price their odds and markets.

For five years straight the Computer Groupwould make incredible amounts of money, originally starting with yearly winnings of $100,000 and slowly progressing to making $1 million per week. The influence of the Computer Group grew and its reach broadened. The Computer Group at the heights of its glory was able to buy the best point spreads from around the country, and had no problems moving the lines at almost all bookmakers. The Computer Group was a very secretive operation, and within the group itself many members never had contact with one another. They usually spoke only by phone using code names.

In 1987 after all their winning success, the 17 members of the group were finally united all together. They were all in the courtroom of the Foley Federal Building awaiting their arraignment on 120 counts of conspiracy, gambling, and racketeering charges. Remarkably there were no charges relating to bookmaking. All members were subsequently dismissed and the Computer Group eventually dissolved.

This however did not stop Billy Walters and he continued to follow his lifelong passion of sports betting. Since the early 1980’s Billy Walters has turned his life around from being a pathological gambler to being one of the most feared and renowned sports bettors in the world. He is currently on an amazing 30-plus year winning streak and owes all his success to his ability to find focus and value in all his sports betting tips activities. He understood what we was doing wrong in all those years where he was continually losing, and now with hard work and perseverance and obviously his own personalised ‘betting edge’ he is now one of the most feared sports gamblers and sports bettors in the world.

Billy Walters is a legend in the sports betting industry. His status as a legend appeals to many who are able to relate with the excitement that sports betting offers. There is a bit of Billy Walters in everyone who bets on sports, and it is within all of us to follow our passion and conquer our dreams to allow us to be the best we possibly can be.


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